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Control boxes and electrical components

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Safety first; this objective is achieved by radio control of cranes. Control boxes and electrical components are increasingly being used in installations. This allows the operator to maintain a distance, which is sometimes a requirement. Think of the situation in which a pouring pan of molten metal hangs from the crane. Remote control then provides a good overview of the situation and surroundings and ensures that there is no risk of extreme heat or splashing.

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The need for control cabinets and electrical components can also be practical. For example, if the crane moves above racks or machines. At a crane travelling speed of more than 63 m/min, operation by means of a push button box with cable is prohibited. A cabin or a wireless remote control are then the options. The reliability of the radio remote control meets the requirements and the costs are comparable to conventional cable control. Our engineers are happy to advise how this form of control improves safety on the work floor.

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