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An installation must add value to the process in which the crane is used. This allows you to optimize a part of the process, make an efficiency improvement and experience the return directly. KIS Crane Construction fully immerses itself in the situation and preconditions of the crane, looks beyond the intended use and provides tailored advice on the best application. Now and in the future.

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Development of tailor-made installations

Approach of our engineers

The application of a crane determines how best to set up the installation. The engineers at KIS Crane Construction use their knowledge and experience to develop the optimal custom crane. Questions they ask:

  • What is the intended use of the crane?
  • What is the faucet used for?
  • How often is the installation used?
  • At which location is the crane used and what does this mean for the installation?
  • What conditions does it have to meet: hoisting height, hook range, etc.?
  • How can the crane best support the work process?
  • What does this work look like in the future, and can we take this into account now?
  • What are the risks of the installation and how do we anticipate them?

The risks of the custom-made installation are recorded in the risk inventory. Each custom-made crane complies with the machine guidelines (NEN), laws and regulations, ISO 9001 and EN 1090 Welding.

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Scania semi-automatic crane

In practice

Scania's semi-automatic craneis an example of a custom-made crane realized by KIS Crane Construction. The crane picks up cabs from the cap conveyor, guides them to the chassis and places the cab on the frame of the truck. Thus, the installation is a fully automated part of the construction process.

Advantages of the crane

  • Fail safe technology. All safety functionalities belong to a certain category which makes the crane extra safe. Various components are redundant, such as the emergency stop circuit.
  • Wireless communication with the line via AirCoax. This provides a controlled wifi signal, where other (process) signals are not disturbed.
  • Predictive maintenance information and error logs. The crane indicates in time that parts need to be replaced. Information is sent to the internal dashboard for monitoring.
  • Two steel cables. If one cable fails, the other catches the claw. In this way work can be done under the load. -Dodeman's button. -Dodeman's button. The technical service can take over the installation at the ground station using a deadman's button.
  • The semi-automatic crane interacts with the cap conveyer, which supplies the cabs, and with the customer's back-end systems.
  • Remotely accessible. In case of disruptions, KIS Crane Construction can watch directly from the office in Joure via the PLC control.

Specifications automatic crane

  • PLC control (e.g. speed limits, data)
  • Positioning using barcode readers per zone, scanned by lasers
  • Actuators determine the positioning
  • Two steel cables
  • PROFINET communication using Air Coax
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