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Hoisting equipment

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KIS Crane Construction manufactures and supplies lifting equipment, such as lifting yokes, spreaders and clamps. The best choice for these materials depends entirely on the use of the installation in the process. Our experienced engineers are happy to provide customized advice on lifting tools.

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Lifting yokes

By distributing the load well over several points, the risk of bending or buckling is considerably reduced during the hoisting of a load. Space is also considerably saved, because the spreading angle of the hoisting bars is not too large. For all the yokes we supply, our EKH inspectors carry out inspections and tests in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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Spreaders & Clamps

Spreaders can increase the hoisting capacity. If there is one hook, it can be spread over two load points with a spreader. With the clamps the load can be lifted. In total we supply three types of clamps: 

  • Vertical plate clamp: suitable for lifting, turning (180 degrees) and vertical transport of steel plates and structures. The lifting clamp has a lock in the open and closed position and thus guarantees absolute safety. Equipped with a lifting eye that hinges in all directions so that the load can be hoisted and lifted from any direction. The IPU10 lifting clamps from 12 tons upwards are equipped with two special lifting clamps that simplify horizontal hoisting.
  • Beam clamp: provides a safe and efficient temporary lifting point on a profile beam. Can be used for hoisting, pulling or as an anchor point. Different tonnages, flange sizes and designs available. Compact and robust construction, quick adjustment and easy to assemble.
  • Horizontal plate clamp: suitable for horizontal lifting and transport of steel plates that do not bend. Very low own weight.

Hoisting tool for Lagewey

In practice

Lagewey is the manufacturer of megawatt wind turbines. On behalf of Lagewey, KIS Crane Construction supplied a special lifting tool to place the blades of an airborne wind turbine onto the turbine.

Advantages of the lifting tool

  • Thanks to the tool it is possible to work at enormous heights
  • It can also be disconnected automatically at height
  • Automatic correction of the centre and gravity of the mill sail
  • Easy transport because the lifting yoke can be disassembled
  • Scalability of the lifting yoke

Specifications of the lifting tool

  • Beam length: 18 meters
  • Length of product to be hoisted: approx. 50 metres
  • Lifting capacity: 10 tons (WLL)
  • Operation of the telescopic crane

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