Crane tracks, crane rail, monorail and construction work


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Crane tracks, crane rail, monorail and construction work

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Linear transport or a complex production line, including runway changes, curves, variable turning stations and discharge directions. Based on years of experience, KIS Crane Construction advises how the conveyor system achieves goals. When a fixed transport route has to be covered, we are happy to explore the possibilities and how this can be arranged as efficiently as possible. Among other things, crane tracks, crane rails, monorails, construction work and chain hoists or wire rope hoists are used, depending on the objectives:

  • More efficiency in the work
  • Flexible design of the internal transport system
  • Ergonomic equipment for employees
  • Keeping the floor clear of the work area
  • Separation devices for light and heavier loads
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Possibilities of the applications

  • For reversing or circular traffic
  • Wire rope hoists for heavier loads
  • Manual, electric or fully automatic operation
  • Also available as I-profile
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