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KIS Crane Construction builds automatic cranes that contribute to the production process as a matter of course. Several PLCs or embedded systems are used for this purpose. For example, a process crane is a suitable solution if:

  • The bag field has reached maximum capacity
  • Employees have physically (too) heavy work or a (too) high work pressure
  • If the safety of employees is at stake
Direct contact with our specialists

Efficiency is an important element in the realization of a process crane. Our engineers like to think along with you about the possibilities to optimize processes. Possible risks are recorded in the risk inventory. The automatic crane can be custom designed and delivered. All cranes delivered by KIS Kraanbouw comply with machine guidelines (NEN), laws and regulations, ISO 9001 and EN 1090 Welding.

More about our approach

Process tap from Kijlstra

In practice

We developed a grab crane for Kijlstra Sewerage. The function of the automatic crane is to put the mould in place with cast concrete, let it dry for a set number of hours and then move it outside. This is done fully automatically, without the intervention of employees.

Advantages of the crane

  • Failsafe technology
  • Data collection
  • Driven by the factory software
  • Positioning to an accuracy of one millimetre
  • Remotely accessible; accessible from KIS Crane Construction office in case of disruption and by looking directly into the PLC

Specifications of the crane

  • Span: 16.5 meters
  • Tonnage: 15 tons
  • Gripper system developed by KIS Crane Construction.

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