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An effective workshop crane contributes efficiently to the lifting process, responds flawlessly to the routing of materials, and is mounted in such a way that it fully utilizes the space on the shop floor. KIS Crane Construction supplies various types of workshop cranes, namely:

  • Single girder overhead travelling crane
  • Double girder overhead travelling crane
  • Suspension crane (single and double girder)

For each workshop crane, the risks of the installation are included in the risk inventory. The crane always complies with the machine guidelines (NEN), legislation and regulations, ISO 9001 and EN 1090 Welding.

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Single girder overhead travelling cranes

Low weight and favourable installation dimensions

The own weight of single girder overhead travelling cranes is low. Thanks to the use of trolleys with a short construction height, this results in favourable installation dimensions of the overhead crane. Operation takes place from the work floor with a hanging push button box. The trolley movement runs freely along the crane girder. Radio control is optional for the single girder overhead travelling cranes.

Double girder overhead travelling cranes

Higher lifting capacities and greater span

If there is a need for higher lifting capacities and a larger span, double girder overhead travelling cranes offer the solution. The load hook can almost always be erected between both crane girders. This ensures a favourable construction height of the installation. Up to a span of 35 meters, lifting capacities of 50 tons and more are feasible. Need a higher workload or span? No problem. Our engineers can design this to measure.

Suspension valves

Use the entire shop floor

Hanging cranes can be set up as single or double girder cranes and can use the entire floor area. The cranes are attached to crane tracks on the ceiling. Even in a relatively low hall, the maximum hoisting height is achieved. The coupling stations can steer these cranes to another track. The trolley can also follow a different route via a monorail. In this way loads can be moved from one hall to the other without having to unhook.

…lschlger Metallbau, Herr Beutler T:04251 816 0

Overhead travelling cranes for JD Engineers B.V.

In practice

JD Engineers B.V. is a company operating in the corrugated board and carton industry. To support their global maintenance and service of folding slitting machines, KIS Crane Construction developed two lattice girder overhead cranes. One of the requirements was a lower load on the structure of the hall where the cranes are used. Our engineers worked out a solution allowing the overhead cranes to be linked together. This way, both cranes can be controlled with one control.

Advantages of the installation

  • Double lifespan
  • Low weight so less load on the hall
  • Simplified assembly with more lifting points
  • More precise positioning

Specifications of the overhead crane

  • Span: 25 meters
  • Lifting capacity (Work Load Limit): 10 tons
  • Radio control
  • Tandem control
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