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Hoists and winches

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KIS Crane Construction has a wide range of quality hoists for lifting loads up to 100 tons and 500 tons. If two winches are combined, this can be increased to 1,000 tons. Looking for practical advice for greater efficiency and safety? We are ready with advice and assistance. Also for periodic inspection, testing, certification and 24/7 maintenance and replacement services.

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Lifespan of a hoist

Before selecting the most suitable hoist or during the periodic inspection, we calculate the stresses of the material and the risk of metal fatigue. Different parameters are taken into account:

  • Age of the hoist.
  • Intensity of use (frequency and load).

For the exact calculation of the Safe Working Period (SWP) a formula has been drawn up by the FEM. This is also described in the maintenance regulations of most manufacturers. The formula consists of a number of factors such as hoisting speed, hoisting height, frequency of use and load spectrum. Some data are easy to find but for other data more input is needed. Our engineers are happy to think along with you to link the optimal advice to the FEM calculation. Of course with an eye for efficiency and safety.

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Types of hoists

KIS Crane Construction supplies various types of hoists, such as:

  • Wire rope hoists
  • Chain hoists
  • Hoists
  • Ratchet hoists
  • Minifor
  • hoists
  • Air hoists
  • Steel wire
  • pulling devices
  • Tirak hoists

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