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Gantry crane

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When heavy loads are frequently handled, a gantry crane is indispensable in workshops and factories. This type of crane lifts and moves loads across the length and width of the area where it is deployed. For the best application of the gantry crane, KIS Crane Construction analyzes the situation, the desired added value of the crane and possible risks. We examine the desirable lifting height, hook range and deployment of the crane. On this basis, we advise which version of the crane best suits the use.

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Any risks of the gantry crane are recorded in the risk inventory. It is possible to fully customize the gantry crane. In any case, the crane complies with the machine guidelines (NEN), laws and regulations, ISO 9001 and EN 1090 Welding.

More about our approach

Gantry crane from Block Berge

In practice

Block Berge produces and delivers concept solutions in concrete elements. For the Norwegian company, KIS Crane Construction realized a gantry crane in the version of an open lattice girder crane. The goal was to keep the weight of the crane light, so that there is less force on the installation. This is desired, for example, because the route over which the gantry crane must travel is limited to a certain tonnage or if the crane is on a site with a lot of wind.

Advantages of the crane

  • Light weight
  • Less wind load
  • Translucent
  • Greater safety through improved visibility
  • Simplified assembly with more lifting points
  • Less load on the hall structure

Specifications of the crane

  • Lifting height 10 metres under the hook
  • Span of 75 meters
  • Extension of 16 meters
  • 2x 10 tons
  • 2 winches of 10 tons so hoisting up to 20 tons

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